Les foyers Saint-Jean-Baptiste et Saint-Joseph de Phnom Penh au Cambodge

18 novembre 2017

Some nice French Visitors : Our Friends from MC 15 20

It is always a pleasure for our students to welcome nice guests. We were so happy to have dinner with our friends from MC 15 20… and not only because they brought a delicious Brownie for dessert!
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17 novembre 2017

Le mariage de Narong / Narong's Wedding

Narong, a former student of our center, passed his grade 12 National Exam three years ago. He’s now getting married. We had a very nice time sharing this important moment with him and his wife. Narong, l’un de nos anciens élèves qui à quitter le foyer il y a trois ans après avoir réussi son Bac, vient de se marier. Nous avons eu beaucoup de joie à partager ce moment avec lui et son épouse. Ce sont de belles choses que ces relations que nous gardons avec les « anciens »
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28 octobre 2017

Playing Football / Jouer au Football

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28 octobre 2017

Graduation Day for Grade 9 / Remise des diplômes

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26 octobre 2017

Weekly Praying Time with Father Chatsirey / Prière hebdomadaire avec le Père Chatsirey

We had our weekly praying time with Father Chatsirey and wit Jobsy, who is an Indian “Jesus Youth” volunteer. We are happy that a music team started today and leaded our prayer. With Nareth and Sambath, it was the first time that Petra started to play the guitar too.
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08 octobre 2017

Fête des ouvriers / Workers’ Festival

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26 septembre 2017

Homework - 2017/2018 - Les devoirs

Grade  9 and 10 : Grade 11 : Grade 12 : Every evening, there is a compulsory homework time from 9:pm to 10:30pm. Our new place is great because it has a large place to work together. It is as well easier for Polo an Frederic, who are in charge of the center, to watch all the students in only one place. We always try to create a nice learning atmosphere. Tous les soirs, de 21H00 à 22H30, il y a un temps obligatoire de travail personnel. Notre nouveau lieu d’habitation est très bien adapté car nous disposons d’un grand espace... [Lire la suite]
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16 septembre 2017

Histoire du Cambodge: Les Khmers Rouges / Cambodian History: The Khmer Rouge

  The Genocide Museum, located in the S21 Prison, organized a week of study on the Khmer Rouge period. The goal, with high-school students representing all the religions in Cambodia, was to promote peace through the knowledge of history. Veasna and Kompeak are the two students from Saint John Baptist Center who participated to this event. Our two youths were absolutely passionate about the discoveries they made this week, from September 11th, to September 16th, 2017. They did not hesitate to sacrifice one day on their... [Lire la suite]
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15 septembre 2017

French Sponsors / Visite de Marraines Françaises

Nous avons eu la joie de recevoir Agnès et Helene. Ces deux Françaises parrainent deux de nos étudiants, David et Nareth, dont les familles ne peuvent pas payer la contribution au foyer. Un grand merci à ces deux dames sympathiques qui ont fait des petits cadeaux bien utiles pour nos jeunes, des cahiers, des stylos et des produits d’hygiène. We had the joy of receiving Agnes and Helene. These two Frenchwomen sponsor two of our students, David and Nareth, whose families can’t afford to pay their contribution to the center. A big thank... [Lire la suite]
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