Les foyers Saint-Jean-Baptiste et Saint-Joseph de Phnom Penh au Cambodge

01 janvier 2018

Happy New Year - 2018 - Bonne Année

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27 décembre 2017

The Extra Classes / Les cours complémentaires

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17 décembre 2017

Our Students Helping at the Parish Christmas Sales

Some of our students had fun selling religious objects after Sunday Mass at Saint-Joseph Parish. It was a great way to help! Thanks to them and to Father Chatsirey our Curate.
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06 décembre 2017

Learning to play the guitar / Apprendre à jouer de la guitare

We always encourage our students to give the best of themselves. Learning to play the guitar is a great activity. First it is nice and helpful for our praying times, then it creates a great atmosphere when everybody is singing the Khmer popular songs.
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02 décembre 2017

Father Bob's Visit / Visite du Père Bob

Father Bob, is a Canadian citizen and the Superior of Phnom Penh’s Seminary. He shared this First Advent Sunday’s meal with us. He also filled his “Christmas Star”… Thanks a lot for your visit dear father Bob. Le Père Bob, qui est Canadien et supérieur du Séminaire de Phnom Penh, est venu partager un repas avec nous en ce premier dimanche de l’avant. Il a rempli son « étoile de Noel » qui a été installée sur notre sapin. Merci cher Père Bob.
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24 novembre 2017

Some nice guests / De sympathiques invités

Anika and Stephanie are two German Volunteers from Fidesco. Jobsy is an Indian volunteer from the Jesus Youth.
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18 novembre 2017

Some nice French Visitors : Our Friends from MC 15 20

It is always a pleasure for our students to welcome nice guests. We were so happy to have dinner with our friends from MC 15 20… and not only because they brought a delicious Brownie for dessert!
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17 novembre 2017

Le mariage de Narong / Narong's Wedding

Narong, a former student of our center, passed his grade 12 National Exam three years ago. He’s now getting married. We had a very nice time sharing this important moment with him and his wife. Narong, l’un de nos anciens élèves qui à quitter le foyer il y a trois ans après avoir réussi son Bac, vient de se marier. Nous avons eu beaucoup de joie à partager ce moment avec lui et son épouse. Ce sont de belles choses que ces relations que nous gardons avec les « anciens »
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28 octobre 2017

Playing Football / Jouer au Football

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